Thursday, May 27, 2010

McAllen keeps growing jobs - City unemployment rate is lowest in the border region

McAllen keeps growing jobs  - City unemployment rate is lowest in the border region
McAllen Economic Development Corporation Blog
May 27, 2010

McAllen has grown more than 2,000 jobs since this time last year indicating that the city’s economy remains robust, is still expanding and is reflective of the lowest unemployment rate in the region, according to a Texas Workforce Commission report.

The report, which released the latest job market numbers for cities and counties in Texas from April 2010, shows McAllen’s unemployment rate has dropped three of the first four months this year. McAllen’s 7.7 percent unemployment rate is ... Click here to read more

Price Significantly REDUCED on Prime Commercial Site in Pharr, TX

Price significantly reduced on 75 Acre site located on the south side of Ridge between Jackson & Cage in Pharr, TX.

This site is one of the last vacant pieces of land in a growing medical and retail community. U.S. Hwy 281, Exp. 83, several hospitals, medical offices, and retail centers with national tenants are all within 2 miles.

This site is well maintained & clear with the exception of 25 acres with young, organic citrus & 3.5 acres for a Shell well on a portion of lot 202 (see attached in-house plat). The purchase of the fruit is negotiable. The approx. dimensions are 1,320.07' x 2,445.39'. This site is zoned (R1) single-family, (R4) high density multifamily, & (C) general business. There is a drainage ditch to the west of the property and a 20' utility easement south of Ridge Rd.

This site is located on the south side of Ridge Rd. between Jackson and Cage just 2 miles southeast of Exp. 83 & 8 miles north of the Pharr International Bridge.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Call Centers Return to North America

Call Centers Return to North America
NAI Global Blog Post
May 25, 2010

We are starting to see more and more call centers returning to North America from India and the Philippines. Most of these are going to secondary and or tertiary markets in the U.S., or Mexico and Latin America, where call center operators are able to tap into abundant labor pools at fairly low wages. They can typically pay wages below $9.00 per hour. However, even with these lower wages, they are able to get bilingual languages (Spanish and English), which most call centers need.

Most of these call centers are approximately 40,000 to 60,000 rentable square feet to be able to acquire and keep the call centers fully occupied. These new centers are ...  Click here to read more

Is the Shopping Mall a Dead Concept?

Is the Shopping Mall a Dead Concept?
NAI Global Blog Post
May 18, 2010

At the start of the recession, regional malls were in a difficult position. Battling competition from online retailers and as people turned to lower-cost bulk items to save money, shopping malls lost a lot of foot traffic and were in danger of becoming extinct. New shopping mall developments were put on hold, and even mega-malls, like New Jersey’s Xanadu, had their plans scaled back significantly in an attempt to match consumer sentiment.

As the recession dragged on, big box retailers started to go out of business, followed by a number of their smaller retail cousins. Mall anchor stores like Macy’s, Nordstroms and JC Penney began to reevaluate their retail footprints and cut underperforming stores, and in some cases halt altogether their chain’s expansion. As the anchor stores closed, many of the smaller retailers that rely on that foot traffic to survive soon followed. Not to mention, chain stores like DVD retailers and toy retailers began to close as people turned to cheaper options like Target and Walmart for their DVD and toy purchases, further changing the shopping mall landscape. And in short order, a number of communities were faced with desolate shopping centers, driving up unemployment in the local area and creating an eyesore.

But is the shopping mall truly dead? Now that the recession is coming to a close and retailers are starting to see their sales numbers rebound, albeit at a very slow pace, does it hold that consumers will again flock to major shopping malls to spend their hard-earned cash? The short answer is yes and no.

Shopping malls need to ...  Click here to read more

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's 5 O’clock Somewhere!

Take a break and view NAI RGV's latest newsletter! Download free copies of the latest NAI publications, view the cities surviving the recession, read opinions from Texas brokers on the current market and much more!

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It's Me or the Office!

Does your home office look like this?? If so, maybe it's time to consider leasing office space.

At NAI Rio Grande Valley, we have office space from executive suites to build to suit in many areas of the Rio Grande Valley. Contact us at 956-994-8900 or visit us on the web at to find a space that fits your needs.

McAllen Chamber of Commerce Sponsoring the 2010 McAllen Business Expo Today!

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the 2010 McAllen Business Expo today at the McAllen Convention Center at the intersection of Expressway 83 and Ware Road.

This is a great opportunity to network, network, network…generate new leads, meet local business people and hear about the latest trends that could impact your business.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A RETAIL PERSPECTIVE - Brokers throughout Texas talk shop about the current market

Brokers throughout Texas talk shop about the current market.
Texas Real Estate Business
By Jon Ross

It seems like it’s been forever since there was solidly good commercial real estate news anywhere in the country. The recession has taken a toll on retailers everywhere, and tenants have been put off by the uncertainty of the economic environment. In Texas, however, a few rays of sunshine are coming through, and brokers in key markets around the state have been encouraged by the level of activity they’re seeing.

“The retail real estate market in Texas is the strongest in the nation. The shopping centers in Texas and the malls in Texas in particular were the least affected during the economic downturn,” says John Bemis of Jones Lang LaSalle. “Our 11 malls throughout Texas have continued to ... Click here to read more


Texas Real Estate Business
By Stephen Schattner

When considering a land investment, the investor is faced with imperfect information. Interested parties must compare the attributes of a targeted property to all other land investment opportunities in the area and be able to quantify and relate this data to measurements such as price and size.

The evaluation of these attributes on a comparative basis impacts the prediction of current price. A proportion of variability in the data will measure how likely future outcomes are by not only the quality and quantity of the data, but also by what data is selected in the evaluation of the pricing model. This gives the investor a true gauge of market value. This is accomplished by evaluating thousands of properties and then conducting non-linear regression analysis to determine the validity of the data.

Once the data is deemed valid, an investor can project forward the demographic growth models of an area. This helps determine the development cycle. It also forecasts the inflation-adjusted price for improvement and disposition value for a multitude of land investment opportunities. The outcome will yield the best land investment opportunity that maximizes the ... Click here to read more

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
Texas Border Business

The cost of living in Harlingen , Texas is the sixth lowest in the United States , according to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index released by the Council for Community and Economic Research.

The Cost of Living Index (COLI) captures data collected in 308 urban areas for the first quarter of 2010. The composite index for Harlingen was 86.1 (with 100 being the national average), meaning the cost of living in Harlingen is 13.9 percent below the national average.

The composite index is made up of six components. The components (and the index for Harlingen ) were: ... Click here to read more

Manufacturing plant to open shop in Harlingen

Manufacturing plant to open shop in Harlingen
Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
Texas Border Business

Harlingen, Texas, May 12, 2010 -- HHS Rotec, LLC has announced plans to establish a manufacturing operation that could employ up to 200 people in Harlingen, Texas.

The company has leased an 80,000 square foot building in the Harlingen Industrial Park and is moving equipment valued at $2 million to begin production. The company will have 10 employees at the start of production, but has the potential to grow to 200 employees.

HHS Rotec, LLC was formed by HHS Development, LLC and Rotec Engineering USA, Inc. to manufacture panels made of polyurethane and galvanized steel for the housing market. The company has the rights to manufacture construction systems of Platinum Advanced Technologies, Inc. for energy efficient, wind storm tolerant and pest resistant housing.

HHS Rotec has expressions of intent for ...Click here to read more

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

McAllen Listed in the 20 Cities Surviving the Recession

May 12, 2010 by High Def
Filed under Featured, News/Editorial

This recession has affected us all; especially those in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. People are beginning to leave the state in search of better living and job opportunities. In light of this, I felt as though this editorial was very beneficial to those of our audience looking for a fresh start. Seeing some cities thriving speaks to the rebirth of our economy and the resiliency of the American spirit and our enterprises. Check out the top 20 places to ride out this recession below.

McAllen, Texas

This area includes Mission and Edinburg. Like the rest of the metro areas in Texas, McAllen is showing promise for the future. Employment growth has happened even during the recession, and there is demand for technology and business professionals. Service industries are also doing reasonably well in McAllen.

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What Kind of Auction is Right for Your Commercial Property?

A common question posed by property owners is whether an auction or sealed bid is appropriate for the property(or properties) they wish to sell. While both sales are actually “auctions” they are differentiated by the availability of bidding activity on the date of the sale.

When people think about auctions they envision participants openly bidding against one another, with each subsequent bid higher than the previous bid. An auctioneer may announce prices, bidders may call out their bids themselves (or have a proxy call out a bid on their behalf), or bids may be submitted electronically with the highest current bid publicly displayed. In some cases a maximum bid might be left with the auctioneer, who may bid on behalf of the bidder according to the bidder's instructions. The auction ends when no participant is willing to bid further, at which point the highest bidder is the winner. Alternatively, if the seller has set a minimum sale price in advance (the “reserve” price) and the final bid does not reach that price the property remains unsold. Sometimes the auctioneer sets a minimum amount by which the next bid must exceed the current highest bid. The most significant distinguishing factor ...
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NAI Global Forms Joint Venture with Chesterfield Faring Ltd. To Assist Clients with Restructurings

NAI Global, the world’s premier managed network of commercial real estate firms and one of the largest real estate services providers worldwide, and Chesterfield Faring Ltd., a leading real estate restructuring group, today announced a joint venture to assist clients in need of financial restructurings.

NAI Chesterfield Capital Advisors LLC, provides financial restructuring advisory services critical to REO and distressed property sales for any bank owner, investor or corporate space user. Working with NAI members across North America, the new joint venture will quickly expand its offerings through NAI’s global network to provide services to both lenders and borrowers worldwide. Already active in the loan sale, REO disposition, receivership and asset management sectors, the addition of this expanded loan restructuring capability enhances the scope of NAI Global’s Special Asset Solutions Group.

“As the economic crisis that gripped the world for the past two years winds down, NAI is actively working with distressed real estate assets, representing both lenders and borrowers seeking to restructure their debt,” said Jeffrey M. Finn, President & CEO of NAI Global. “In partnership with NAI Chesterfield, we’ll be able to further enhance our Special Asset Solutions service offering for both sides of the sector as the market continues to strengthen.”

“The value for Chesterfield is the ability to ... Click here to read more

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 New 2010 Publications: International Property Guide & Global Property Prices and Trends

NAI Rio Grande Valley is pleased to present two new publications, the 2010 International Property Guide and the 2010 Global Property Prices & Trends.

Here at NAI Rio Grande Valley we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you wherever your needs may be.

Both publications are now available for download please click here to download your copy today!

The 2010 International Property Guide provides insight into key local business customs and practices for 60 countries around the world. The 2010 Global Property Prices & Trends report highlights key demographic data along with current rental rates and investment yields for 130 global markets.

Monday, May 3, 2010

NAI RGV's May 3, 2010 Spotlight

View the NAI Rio Grande Valley's Spotlight to stay current on any and everything relating to commercial real estate in the Rio Grande Valley.

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NAI RGV Launches New Web Site!

Hats off to the new NAI Rio Grande Valley Web Site! Check out NAI RGV's new look at

NAI Rio Grande Valley is a focused commercial real estate brokerage, consulting, development, property management and syndication firm serving the Rio Grande Valley and based in McAllen, Texas. Our mission is to transform real estate opportunities into profits for owners, users and investors.

NAI Rio Grande Valley advises it's customers and clients on how to maximize the value of their assets and utilize real estate to their long term advantage through comprehensive and strategic planning, execution and management.

NAI Rio Grande Valley professionals arrange the sale or lease of land, office, industrial and commercial real estate. We have a proven track record and have considerable expertise in envisioning how to convert raw land into revenues.

NAI Rio Grande Valley is also a service bureau for data gathering, research assistance, interpretation, and expert analysis on a variety of regional, economic and demographic issues. It seeks to provide an array of other services including market research, feasibility studies, project management, and real estate entitlements.

Because of our proximity to the Mexico border, close ties to the business community in Mexico and a proven understanding of the unique economics of the U.S. - Mexico border area, NAI Rio Grande Valley is able to provide services to both international and domestic clientele.