Monday, July 4, 2011

Stakeholders meet to discuss 400-acre research and education park

McALLEN, June 27 – Stakeholders involved in the planning of a 400-acre research and education park were invited to a reception at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce last week.
Stephen Coulston, of Broaddus Planning, provided a power point presentation of what the park might look like. The park, to be located adjacent to the McAllen Foreign Trade Zone, would be a mixed use development, with retail, commercial, education, industry, research, and housing among its components.
“This is about a shared vision and a collaborative process of bringing together a group of people with great ideas to identify opportunities for growth that will create jobs through synergies in education, research and industry. It is about collaboration and partnerships, essentially,” Coulston told the Guardian, at the end of his presentation.
Coulston said his company has been involved in something broadly similar – the Research Valley Bio Corridor currently being developed in College Station-Bryan. However, that park is focusing on the bio tech industry, whereas the McAllen park will focus on advanced manufacturing.
Coulston said his company, which is based in Austin, Texas, provides a research park market assessment and conducts physical master planning. “The science and the art we do is to capture the vision and strategies of clients like this group here and cast those into a physical planning environment and strategy for moving forward,” he said.
The McAllen park will be unlike anything else seen in the Valley, Coulston said, because ...
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