Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A RETAIL PERSPECTIVE - Brokers throughout Texas talk shop about the current market

Brokers throughout Texas talk shop about the current market.
Texas Real Estate Business
By Jon Ross

It seems like it’s been forever since there was solidly good commercial real estate news anywhere in the country. The recession has taken a toll on retailers everywhere, and tenants have been put off by the uncertainty of the economic environment. In Texas, however, a few rays of sunshine are coming through, and brokers in key markets around the state have been encouraged by the level of activity they’re seeing.

“The retail real estate market in Texas is the strongest in the nation. The shopping centers in Texas and the malls in Texas in particular were the least affected during the economic downturn,” says John Bemis of Jones Lang LaSalle. “Our 11 malls throughout Texas have continued to ... Click here to read more


Texas Real Estate Business
By Stephen Schattner

When considering a land investment, the investor is faced with imperfect information. Interested parties must compare the attributes of a targeted property to all other land investment opportunities in the area and be able to quantify and relate this data to measurements such as price and size.

The evaluation of these attributes on a comparative basis impacts the prediction of current price. A proportion of variability in the data will measure how likely future outcomes are by not only the quality and quantity of the data, but also by what data is selected in the evaluation of the pricing model. This gives the investor a true gauge of market value. This is accomplished by evaluating thousands of properties and then conducting non-linear regression analysis to determine the validity of the data.

Once the data is deemed valid, an investor can project forward the demographic growth models of an area. This helps determine the development cycle. It also forecasts the inflation-adjusted price for improvement and disposition value for a multitude of land investment opportunities. The outcome will yield the best land investment opportunity that maximizes the ... Click here to read more