Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Time is Now to Make Long Range Commitments

With a change in Congress taking place in the next few weeks, the “Bush” tax cuts expected to be reconfirmed and the President starting to move to the middle as he plans for re-election, business decision makers will be more optimistic.  This is an ideal opportunity for brokers to motivate tenants to make long range commitments before rents start to escalate.
As hirings start to accelerate more space will now be needed for new employees.  This environment is a breath of fresh air for brokers who have the optimism and energy to develop new business and create new opportunities for the coming year.
Because of the weak economy over the past three years there has been a change in the way employers do business and more of a focus on an economy of space.  Gone are the days of large private offices.  They have now been replaced by smaller offices and executives can meet with their guests in one of the several conference rooms that are set up for everyone’s use.  Reception rooms are also smaller and economy of size is the watch word.  With this in mind, companies will think about relocating to new space in order to recreate their company’s operation consistent with the new standards of efficiency and cost savings.
-Gil Robinov
Gil Robinov is an Executive Managing Director at NAI Global New York City. New York is home to more than 185 member governments of the United Nations. Robinov is recognized as the industry leader in this marketplace and has represented over 25% of these organizations.

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