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Everyone Has a Story...Here's Ours

NAI RGV Reintroduces Itself to the Market

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Mike Blum, NAI-Rio Grande Valley managing Partner
By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

They find that the valley sold $1.1 billion in the food, beverage and hospitality industryin 2009 alone

In 2004 Mike Blum approached Charles Mueller owner of Synergies LLC, a multi-faceted Rio Grande Valley based company, with the idea of creating a real estate division. Mueller agreed and Synergis Realty Group was created.
“Almost at the same time of that creation the then NAI Global affiliate which was known as NAI RIOCO decided to give up its NAI flag,” Blum stated. Blum, who had been with NAI RIOCO since 1997, knew the unique opportunity and the numerous benefits that come with acquiring the NAI flag. Immediately, Mueller and Mike approached the NAI Global Corporation about becoming the NAI affiliate in the Rio Grande Valley.

“So in 2005 the deal was made and we became NAI Rio Grande Valley with over $100 million worth of listings that came over to our table,” Blum stated. With this affiliation, NAI Rio Grande Valley became the NAI Global Rio Grande Valley affiliate. NAI Global is the largest managed, network of commercial real estate professionals with over 5,000 professionals, 325 offices in 55 countries. This makes it possible for NAI Rio Grande Valley to help its clients around the corner and around the world. “We are no longer affiliated with NAI RIOCO, in fact, NAI RIOCO does not exist.”

Blum is the managing partner for the company. He is well known as someone who loves to study and understand the markets. He believes this is important because knowledge is power and markets are in a constant state of evolution. “We are a dynamic, growing community; the population has grown 30 to 40 percent during the last decade.” Blum continued, “Because there has been a significant change in the market it’s time to re-introduce us to everyone to reacquaint them with the uniqueness of our organization and the talent and skill of the people who make us up.”

NAI Rio Grande Valley has ...

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Audi to come to San Juan Corners | san, juan, audi -

SAN JUAN— Apparently enthusiastic about the start of a Mercedes-Benz dealership that opened in San Juan in December, its owners announced plans this week to open an Audi dealership in the city.

“We’re excited, this being our second successful negotiation with a luxury brand,” Economic Development Corporation Director Miki McCarthy said. “It definitely brings clout to our retail corridor.”

Boerne-based Ron Heller and Bill Bird, who own the Mercedes-Benz dealership along with Alfonso Cavasos, had been in discussions with the city about buying a second property since last May and closed on the 7-acre purchase in January.

The new dealership will be located in San Juan Corners, on the south side of U.S. 83, near Cesar Chavez Road. The much-touted city retail development, which has been in the works since 2007, has remained mostly stalled since then.

McCarthy said she hoped the placement of the dealership would help accelerate business development at San Juan Corners and said other projects in the area are under negotiation. Audi is expected to bring in ...

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Audi to come to San Juan Corners | san, juan, audi -