Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Power of Connectivity

"When we need to get something done halfway around the world, our NAI Account Executive coordinates with the regional Managing Director to ensure that our objectives are met. Wherever our business takes us globally, NAI has that extra mile covered."
- Bob Burgholzer, Gillette

A difference in attitude. 

Our Managed network is a union of best-in-class local offices and businesses that are entrepreneurial in spirit and always enterprising on behalf of the client. NAI is highly selective. Only the most successful companies are invited to join our network,and to remain as members, companies must continuously perform at the highest level. An entrepreneurial spirit is the norm,which means that our entire network is geared towards innovation and taking the initiative on behalf of the client. And because of our unique model, we're able to maximize speed, cooperation and integration between all points. 

A difference in structure.

NAI is different by design. Because of the close strategic integration of NAI companies, relationships are tight-knit and communication is fluid between all partners. Uniquely, NAI employs a global management team of seasoned professionals who make sure that all NAI agents are trained to our network's global standards. These global directors, along with the client's dedicated transaction management team, guarantee premier quality service delivery on every assignment. Critical management staff also oversee each step of a transaction - from initiation through post-completion follow-up. This regional and project-based oversight guides transactions and clarifies critical issues such as currency, culture, politics and common practice in cross-border projects.  

A difference in approach.

At, NAI, we've built much more than a network of unmatched local market knowledge, we've built a collaborative, process-driven enterprise to assure the highest level of consistency and quality at every touch point. Every client assignment is initiated with a detailed road map and project timeline, outlining key milestones and success factors. We then employ our proprietary online transaction management system to manage each project in real-time. This process enables our team to handle hundreds of projects, locally and globally, with equal efficiency and transparency. As a client, knowing the exact status of every ongoing project helps you empower your decision-making and achieve superior results. 

NAI Rio Grande Valley is a focused commercial real estate brokerage, consulting, development and syndication firm serving the Rio Grande Valley and based in McAllen, Texas. Our mission is to transform real estate opportunities into profits for owners, users and investors.

NAI Rio Grande Valley advises it's customers and clients on how to maximize the value of their assets and utilize real estate to their long term advantage through comprehensive and strategic planning, execution and management.

Because of our proximity to the Mexico border, close ties to the business community in Mexico and a proven understanding of the unique economics of the U.S. - Mexico border area, NAI Rio Grande Valley is able to provide services to both international and domestic clientele.

Source: NAI Global

Hispanic owned South Texas transportation January sales up 32% in January alone-

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Business Category is a Key Recession Recovery Statistic

Rio Grande Valley, Texas – Bucking the national epidemic of near-stagnant growth, McAllen, Texas was recently recognized as the first city in the United States to reach pre-recessionary levels and one of the few metropolitan areas to have positive job growth throughout the entire economic downtown. Nowhere is this more evident than in the transportation industry, which has traditionally served as a chief indicator of how other key industries are fairing since trucks carry goods to a wide range of markets, suppliers and manufacturers across the country

Mike’s Loading Service based in Edinburg, Texas reported its January sales were up 32% versus the previous year. “The rate of growth we’re seeing is really satisfying for our company and very positive for our industry,” says Mike Castillo, President of Mike’s Loading Service, Inc. in Edinburg. “Economic recovery for our area is tied to companies like Mikes Loading.

They are progressive and focused on growth and we support them”- said Dan Lawless- President, Chase Bank, Rio Grande Valley Region With sales of $56.3 million in 2009 and $56.7 million in 2010, Castillo’s brokerage first felt the effects of the pending recession in June 2008 when sales were off by 35%. The first quarter of 2011, however, is proving to be an entirely different story. “Sales are already up ...

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