Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Steel Fabrication & Machining Supplier Opens Facility in McAllen, Texas MSA

The Butler Weldments Corporation, a nationwide & international supplier of custom steel fabrications and machining is pleased to announce the signing of a lease to open a new facility in the McAllen MSA area.
The Butler Weldments Corporation is a versatile steel fabrication and machining business with a 30 year tradition of quality and integrity. They manufacture fabrications in the U.S. and Mexico for a variety of industries including power generation, national defense, construction, petrochemical, mining and various original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). This new facility, located in the Pharr industrial park, will be its third location and will be a combination warehouse, office space and manufacturing facility dedicated initially to servicing their plant in Rio Bravo, Mexico – across the border from McAllen MSA. The planned processes to be offered at this location include blasting, painting, saw cutting, plasma cutting, beveling and small machining. These services will be provided to the sister plant in Mexico, the corporate headquarters in Cameron, Texas and other potential clients.
“We chose this facility for its strategic location and proximity to the Mexico facility,” said Steven Dobos, President of The Butler Weldments Corporation. “This facility will allow us to take the products we currently manufacture to the next level and provide our existing and potential customers with assembly-ready products and just-in-time delivery.”
Over the past three decades, The Butler Weldments Corporation has expanded and adapted to best serve the changing needs of the manufacturing industry. Their facilities, ...