Wednesday, May 12, 2010

McAllen Listed in the 20 Cities Surviving the Recession

May 12, 2010 by High Def
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This recession has affected us all; especially those in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. People are beginning to leave the state in search of better living and job opportunities. In light of this, I felt as though this editorial was very beneficial to those of our audience looking for a fresh start. Seeing some cities thriving speaks to the rebirth of our economy and the resiliency of the American spirit and our enterprises. Check out the top 20 places to ride out this recession below.

McAllen, Texas

This area includes Mission and Edinburg. Like the rest of the metro areas in Texas, McAllen is showing promise for the future. Employment growth has happened even during the recession, and there is demand for technology and business professionals. Service industries are also doing reasonably well in McAllen.

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What Kind of Auction is Right for Your Commercial Property?

A common question posed by property owners is whether an auction or sealed bid is appropriate for the property(or properties) they wish to sell. While both sales are actually “auctions” they are differentiated by the availability of bidding activity on the date of the sale.

When people think about auctions they envision participants openly bidding against one another, with each subsequent bid higher than the previous bid. An auctioneer may announce prices, bidders may call out their bids themselves (or have a proxy call out a bid on their behalf), or bids may be submitted electronically with the highest current bid publicly displayed. In some cases a maximum bid might be left with the auctioneer, who may bid on behalf of the bidder according to the bidder's instructions. The auction ends when no participant is willing to bid further, at which point the highest bidder is the winner. Alternatively, if the seller has set a minimum sale price in advance (the “reserve” price) and the final bid does not reach that price the property remains unsold. Sometimes the auctioneer sets a minimum amount by which the next bid must exceed the current highest bid. The most significant distinguishing factor ...
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NAI Global Forms Joint Venture with Chesterfield Faring Ltd. To Assist Clients with Restructurings

NAI Global, the world’s premier managed network of commercial real estate firms and one of the largest real estate services providers worldwide, and Chesterfield Faring Ltd., a leading real estate restructuring group, today announced a joint venture to assist clients in need of financial restructurings.

NAI Chesterfield Capital Advisors LLC, provides financial restructuring advisory services critical to REO and distressed property sales for any bank owner, investor or corporate space user. Working with NAI members across North America, the new joint venture will quickly expand its offerings through NAI’s global network to provide services to both lenders and borrowers worldwide. Already active in the loan sale, REO disposition, receivership and asset management sectors, the addition of this expanded loan restructuring capability enhances the scope of NAI Global’s Special Asset Solutions Group.

“As the economic crisis that gripped the world for the past two years winds down, NAI is actively working with distressed real estate assets, representing both lenders and borrowers seeking to restructure their debt,” said Jeffrey M. Finn, President & CEO of NAI Global. “In partnership with NAI Chesterfield, we’ll be able to further enhance our Special Asset Solutions service offering for both sides of the sector as the market continues to strengthen.”

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