Thursday, July 8, 2010

New white paper from Dr. Peter Linneman now available!

Robust Recovery in 2010 Will Just Return U.S. to Middling Economy, Says NAI Global Chief Economist Dr. Peter Linneman

Strong, steady economic growth over the next two years will just return the U.S. economy to a pre-2008 level, giving us back what we needlessly lost due to government-induced panic and poor lending practices, according to a new white paper from NAI Global Chief Economist Dr. Peter Linneman. The white paper examines the overall outlook for the job market and provides a forecast for the next three years.

“The key for the real estate sector is job growth, as a recovery without jobs does not fill buildings,” Dr. Linneman noted. “We anticipate that the next three years will continue to see average job growth of 250,000 jobs per month, for a three-year job increase of at least 9 million jobs by early 2013.”

“That is robust job growth, but it is important to remember that our forecast would leave us with almost the same number of jobs in mid-2013 as existed at the beginning of September 2008,” said Dr. Linneman. “Even with a robust recovery adding 9 million jobs over the next three years, we will still have an anemic unemployment rate of 7%. Hence, we expect a robust rebound to mediocrity.”

A Robust Rebound to Mediocrity?, NAI Global’s white paper, reviews payroll history and trends, providing an economist’s view of the recovery’s impact on the jobs market today and tomorrow.

This latest white paper follows Capital Markets Show First Signs of Recovery, Dr. Linneman’s treatise on the impact of how a rise and recovery in asset prices will lead to investors becoming more active, how capital markets will start to show recovery and the impact on the commercial real estate industry.

Click here  to view the white paper from NAI Global Chief Economist Dr. Peter Linneman

Dr. Linneman is also Professor of Real Estate, Finance and Public Policy at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and Principal, Linneman Associates.

Santana Textiles to start construction on Edinburg plant later this month

July 07, 2010 10:11 PM
Jared Janes
The Monitor

EDINBURG — Brazilian denim manufacturer Santana Textiles is set to begin building a production facility later this month on a 33-acre site at the Edinburg North Industrial Park.

Steel and other construction materials have been delivered to an adjacent property in preparation for the work that is expected to begin within the next few weeks, said Roberto Cantu, the company’s CEO for its Edinburg operations. The manufacturer will apply for a building permit once it receives authorization from the state to proceed.

The company first announced in July 2008 that it would open its sixth plant — and first in North America — in Edinburg to produce high-end denim, but the 775,000-square-foot facility has ... Click here to read more