NAI Global Sustainability Solutions provides energy & sustainability services to property owners and users worldwide through NAI staff and a strategic alliance with GreenPoint Partners. NAI Global also is working with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), a leading global provider of environmental, health and safety, risk and social consulting services. The new unit is led by Fred Tuck, NAI Global’s head of Project Management.
“Sustainability Solutions is an important addition to our global service offering,” stated NAI Global President & CEO Jeffrey M. Finn. “This initiative provides a unique opportunity to help our clients save money and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.”
NAI Global Sustainability Solutions provides a broad array of services to commercial real estate clients throughout North America through a strategic alliance with GreenPoint Partners. Working together with local NAI offices in North America, GreenPoint helps clients achieve profitable sustainability by delivering energy audits, solar and wind renewable energy, efficiency retrofits and LEED certification.
“We are thrilled to work with NAI Global,” stated GreenPoint CEO Dustin Gellman. “With NAI’s powerful network and broad global footprint, we can deliver increased value to thousands of clients that occupy hundreds of millions of square feet.”
NAI Global is also working with ERM, which provides environmental due diligence, site investigation and remediation services to NAI clients worldwide as part of its core Sustainability Solutions offering. With 130 offices in 40 countries and approximately 3,600 staff, ERM helps business and government clients understand and manage their impacts on the world around them.
“ERM is extremely excited about our working relationship with NAI, and look forward to the opportunity to provide key environmental services on a wide variety of projects for NAI and their clients” stated Tim Strongman, Partner, ERM UK.
“Through our relationship with ERM we are able to deliver a global “turnkey” real estate solution to our clients, which enables them to optimize their physical assets while at the same time meet their corporate social responsibility objectives” stated Paul Danks, NAI Global’s Senior Vice President-Corporate Solutions with responsibility for the management of the relationship with ERM.
Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, NAI Global manages a network of 5,000 professionals and 350 offices in 55 countries. NAI firms complete over $45 billion in transactions in a typical year, and manage more than 300 million square feet of commercial space worldwide.

NAI Rio Grande Valley is a focused commercial real estate brokerage, consulting, development and syndication firm serving the Rio Grande Valley and based in McAllen, Texas. Our mission is to transform real estate opportunities into profits for owners, users and investors.

NAI Rio Grande Valley advises it's customers and clients on how to maximize the value of their assets and utilize real estate to their long term advantage through comprehensive and strategic planning, execution and management.

NAI Rio Grande Valley professionals arrange the sale or lease of land, office, industrial and commercial real estate. We have a proven track record and have considerable expertise in envisioning how to convert raw land into revenues.

NAI Rio Grande Valley is also a service bureau for data gathering, research assistance, interpretation, and expert analysis on a variety of regional, economic and demographic issues. It seeks to provide an array of other services including market research, feasibility studies, project management, and real estate entitlements.

Because of our proximity to the Mexico border, close ties to the business community in Mexico and a proven understanding of the unique economics of the U.S. - Mexico border area, NAI Rio Grande Valley is able to provide services to both international and domestic clientele.