Thursday, October 13, 2011

NAI Global Chief Economist Analyzes the European Debt Crisis in Newest White Paper

In his newest white paper, European Debt Crisis NAI Global Chief Economist, Dr. Peter Linneman, summarizes the origins of the European sovereign debt crises that have dominated the global financial headlines and analyzes the current status of debt in Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain in addition to assessing the impact that default will have on the European economy.

“Europe’s sovereign debt crises are changing daily, yet are making little progress toward long-term solutions. The only questions are when, how and who will be left holding the bag?” said Dr. Linneman. “The principal danger is that when Greece defaults, either voluntarily or involuntarily, there will be considerable capital market uncertainty and renewed rounds of government intervention to save local banks.”

The white paper examines strategies to minimize the impact from a Greek default on other European countries, the possibility of default in other Euro Zone countries and presents possible real estate investment opportunities that may arise as a result of distress in the European banking sector.

European Debt Crisis analyses the European sovereign debt crises and the impact of a default on the Euro Zone countries and banks.

This latest white paper follows Beware of Inflation, where Dr. Linneman assesses the potential destructive power of inflation and its impact on commercial real estate. NAI Global’s white papers and research resources are available for free download at under Publications/Articles & White Papers.