Thursday, July 21, 2011

NAI Global Joins Forces with Intelligent Edge

NAI Global, the world’s premier managed network of commercial real estate firms and one of the largest real estate services providers worldwide, and Intelligent Edge Advisors, an investment banking firm specializing in asset monetization, today announced the creation of NAI Intelligent Edge, a platform offered exclusively to wealth managers and financial advisors to serve the diverse needs of their clients who own commercial real estate.

Intelligent Edge was created to collaborate with wealth managers and financial advisors to execute liquidity events on behalf of their clients who own businesses, real estate and large positions in publicly-traded stock.

NAI Intelligent Edge combines NAI Global’s vast spectrum of commercial real estate services with Intelligent Edge’s specialization in the tax-efficient monetization of concentrated wealth.

By collaborating with NAI Intelligent Edge, wealth managers and financial advisors have access to services that will allow them to grow and protect the value of their clients’ commercial real estate holdings, as well manage these assets to align with the short-term and long-term financial planning goals of their clients.

“Clients of advisors own vast amounts of real estate which often comprises a significant portion of their worth. Over the next decade baby boomers will sell or monetize trillions of dollars of real estate to fund retirement. Working with NAI Intelligent Edge empowers advisors to expand their asset oversight capabilities into commercial real estate,” said Peter L. Ruggiero, Managing Director of NAI Global Capital Markets.

“The wealth management business is very competitive and is becoming more holistic as advisors differentiate themselves. Increasingly, advisors are taking on the role of the family CFO and are viewed as the trusted advisor clients turn to for advice on an increasing array of wealth planning issues. NAI Intelligent Edge positions advisors to proactively assist real estate owners to maximize the utility of their real estate holdings in the context of their overall wealth planning goals,” commented Ruggiero.

“Over the past few years owners of sub-investment grade commercial real estate have seen the value of their properties plummet, and in many instances the prospects for a robust recovery in prices are not particularly compelling. NAI Intelligent Edge works with advisors to help owners compare the risk / reward of continued ownership of their real estate assets versus cashing out and deploying the proceeds into other asset classes,” said Thomas J. Boczar, CEO of Intelligent Edge Advisors.

Services available through NAI Global include sales and monetization strategies, valuations, corporate solutions, property management, project management, leasing/tenant representation and workout/restructuring services. For more information, visit

NAI Intelligent Edge is based in Intelligent Edge’s New York City office at 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 400, New York, NY 10170. For more information, visit